Sony Ericsson launches Game Developers Challenge

Sony Ericsson launches Game Developers Challenge


The competition has begun, utilizing features of the J2ME MIDP 2.0 specification, Sony Ericsson has started the Game Developers Challenge 2004. Competitions will cover five different game genres including; Action/Adventure, Sports, Role-Playing Games (RPG’s), Platform and Puzzle games. Its great to see Sony Ericsson offering this to the public, the end result should be some very popular games.

The challenge will run until June 24 2004, entries will be published and promoted on a campaign website where users can cast their votes from mid-July to mid-August on several critereas after testing the games for Ease of use / Game-play, Look & Feel / Graphics, Sound, Entertainment factor and Innovation through an emulator.

“This competition is the first to give consumers a unique chance to evaluate applications that have not yet hit the market. This demonstrates Sony Ericsson’s commitment to stay in tune with consumer demands at the same time as third party applications are made a natural part of our product offering,” says Rikko Sakaguchi, Senior Vice President and Head of Product & Application Planning for GSM/UMTS phones at Sony Ericsson.

Once the votes are in, the final top 20 games will be passed on to a panel of experts in the mobile entertainement industry, they will then select three winners, one from each major region of the world (one from Asia-Pacific, one from Europe, Middle East & Africa and one from the Americas). Winners will be announced September 3, 2004.

So all this hard work, what do you get? The winners will receive a $7,000USD cash price, Java verification paid for by Sony Ericsson through the JavaVerified program, and a prominent placement on Sony Ericsson Fun & Downloads. Winning games will be the first considered for pre-loaded content on top download links for all new MIDP 2.0 phones from Sony Ericsson, as well as a chance to exhibit as an application partner at the Sony Ericsson booth for major industry events following the competition.