Jamdat brings Xbox to mobiles

Jamdat brings Xbox to mobiles


Jamdat Mobile announced that they have signed a deal with Microsot Games Studios to bring a few popular Xbox titles to mobile devices. The games selected so far are Top Spin, RalliSport Challenge 2 and Amped will be released mid to latter part of 2004.

The titles will be published for multiple wireless platforms, but first of course will be Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Smartphone. The games will be available from wireless carriers through out North America, Europe, South America, Asia/Pacific markets, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Taiwan.

“JAMDAT is pleased to be publishing these exciting Xbox titles for mobile devices,” said Mitch Lasky, CEO of JAMDAT Mobile Inc. “The gameplay in these three titles is ideally suited for mobile users who will enjoy racing, snowboarding or tennis, anytime, anywhere.”

“JAMDAT Mobile’s impressive wireless publishing capabilities and extensive distribution network of global mobile operators make it an excellent choice to bring these popular Xbox titles to wireless consumers,” said Ed Ventura, Director of the Consumer Products Group in Microsoft Games Studios.