Bitstream Announces ThunderHawk SmartPhone Edition

Bitstream Announces ThunderHawk SmartPhone Edition


Bitstream today has announced the ThunderHawk browser for Smartphones. The new mobile browser will preserve the actual web page layout making it easier to find information on a page. Wireless carriers will carry the ThunderHawk SmartPhone edition immediately, while end users will have to wait until next month to get it from Bitstream directly.

“We announced the alpha version of ThunderHawk SmartPhone Edition only 5 months ago at the last CTIA Wireless show. We are pleased to announce the product release today,” stated Anna Chagnon, president and chief executive officer of Bitstream.

“Our SmartPhone Edition lets customers gain immediate access to the information they need in a format they instantly recognize,” she continued. “SmartPhone Edition delivers the best user experience available today for browsing Web pages on cell and smart phones.”

The ThunderHawk browser lets users read a column of text without forcing you to scroll left and right. It also features a split screen mode, so you can easily skim information quickly. On one side you have the entire page you are accessing, and on the other side shows the selected area in full. The browser will support standard HTML, CSS and DHTML as well as SSl and 1280bit encryption.