ATIs XILLEON to power new Windows CE Multimedia Devices

ATIs XILLEON to power new Windows CE Multimedia Devices


ATI Technologies today announced that the XILLLEON 225 system-on-a-chip will support the Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender products. The integrated digital entertainment solution will allow users to view live and recorded television, images, movies and music from anywhere in their home with a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC.

“We are pleased to see companies like ATI delivering innovative technologies that will support extending the Media Center PC experiences to other television displays in the home with Windows Media Center Extender products,” said Brad Brooks, Director of Marketing, Windows eHome division, Microsoft Corp. “ATI’s integrated system-on-a-chip is a great example of this, ensuring that consumers will be able to get the most of their favourite digital entertainment experiences without the purchase of an additional computer.”

The XILLEON 225 adds a multitude of features for the media center products. A built in 300MHz MIPS CPU is used to power a Windows CEC OS device that can decode digital audio, video and other material sent from the Windows Media Center Edition PC. The built-in graphics engine will process the GUI data sent to the device and several other interfaces for access/security, digital audio output (S/P DIF) and infrared. Devices sporting the new chip are expected to ship in late 2004 throughout North America.

“ ATI continues to support Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 with a comprehensive suite of PC graphics and TV solutions,” said Phil Taylor, Director, Strategic Relationships, ATI Technologies. “That high level of quality is maintained with ATI’s XILLEON by offering a multimedia rich, cost-effective one-chip solution for global consumer electronics manufacturers.”