Samsung YH-999 to run Microsoft Portable Media Center

Samsung YH-999 to run Microsoft Portable Media Center


Its official, Samsung has announced their YH-999 Portable Video Player. Shipping around July to the US, this is touted as the World’s smallest digital multimedia player, but of course they did not release the dimensions to the public.

The YH-999 will have a 3.5-inch TFT Colour LCD run on Microsofts Portable Media Center (PMC) operating system that is designed to receive digital TV broadcast signals. It will also play MP3, WMA, WMV, JPEG files from its 1.8-inch 20GB HDD.

Samsung also announced the YP-60 Sports MP3 player with Sports and Health features. The YP-60 amazingly enough can monitor your heart rate and count calories burned through a Sports & Health function sensor (similar to those pads on the treadmills) and keep records of the users heart rate or used calories using the ‘Fitness Manager’ program.

The YP-60 uses 128/256/512MB flash memory, Li-polymer battery and even supports Ogg Vorbis file format.