NVIDIA announces new era of mobile processors

NVIDIA announces new era of mobile processors


Nvidia has big plans for mobile gamers. How would you like a 3 megapixel camera in your handset to capture real time video and digital images with an 8x digital zoom lens. The GoForce 4000 processor from NVIDIA is expected to power the next generation of 3G mobile phones from Motorola.

The GoForce 4000 processor will support a maximum display resolution of 640×480 pixels, and allow simultaneous encoding and decoding for use with video conferencing, capturing and playback applications. These features will definatly get the mobile gamers drueling considering the chips will only use one tenth the power of traditional hardware codecs on the market.

A slightly less powerful processor is also being released, with the GoForce 3000 consumers can expect a 2MP camera and 320×240 maximum display resolution.