Motorola V710 Bluetooth MP3 Megapixel handset

Motorola V710 Bluetooth MP3 Megapixel handset


The Motorola V710 is the first ever CDMA Bluetooth wireless enabled handset with a megapixel camera capable of 3 minutes of video or still image capture on its internal 16MB of memory. The V710 is also expandable to 128MB with Trans-Flash memory for added storage.

Although the phone features an office-quality speakerphone for conferencing, it also supports the Motorola HS820 Bluetooth wireless headset for the ultimate hands-free experience, or the Bluetooth car-kit and the Motorola Bluetooth PC USB adapter for wireless desktop synchronization, or if you really want, just get all three and you will never have to take the phone out of your pocket. Well, maybe just to charge it, but it does feature speaker-independent speech recognition for hands-free, eyes-free operation.

With an integrated MP3 decoder, the phone plays MP3 music and MP3 ringtones out loud on the high-quality external speaker or with the compatible stereo headphone accessory.

Motorola targets this phone to the consumer who wants a “work and play” handset, the V710 will be available in the later half of 2004.