Mini-ITX Introduces the Nanode

Mini-ITX Introduces the Nanode

SHARE today announced the world’s first Nano-ITX based digital entertainment device – the “Nanode” – created by Hoojum Design.

The Nanode is designed around VIA’s EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX Mainboard, and is constructed from high-grade precision cut aluminum, and sports an elegant ceramic matt finish that will complement any living or working environment. The Nanode’s charm and appeal are enhanced by its quiet operation and small size – just 94 x 150 x 160mm – ensuring it can fit into even the most space-constrained environment.

The 120 x 120mm Nano-ITX boards use the highly efficient penny sized VIA Eden-N processor running at speeds of up to 1GHz and VIA’s CN400 digital media chipset with integrated hardware based MPEG-4/2 acceleration and advanced video rendering techniques. The boards deliver a compelling visual experience on all display types from CRT and LCD screens to standard definition TVs and HDTVs, accompanied by crisp clear 6-channel surround sound from the onboard VIA Vinyl Audio Six TRAC controller.

With its reduced size and new features, the VIA EPIA N Nano-ITX takes the Mini-ITX concept one step further. The application possibilities awaiting the Nanode are boundless.

Nanode was developed exclusively for by Hoojum Designs, testifying to their long term collaboration and commitment to aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly digital media PCs.

Nanode will be available exclusively from in Q2, 2004. We will be launching our new website in a few weeks,