Creo releases the Leaf Valeo Wi 22 Megapixel Bluetooth camera back

Creo releases the Leaf Valeo Wi 22 Megapixel Bluetooth camera back


Creo announced today the fastest digital camera back system for photographic professionals on the market. The Leaf Valeo 17Wi and 22Wi are capable of capturing resolutions of 22 and 17 million pixels respectively. The Leaf Valeo Wi family of Bluetooth wireless camera backs can also sustain 1.2 fps burst capture rate using a unique DSR (Dual Sensor Readout).

The 3:4 format ratio CCD offers portable technology for in the studio Large Format photography, or on the road. With an HP iPAQ pocket PC and the Leaf DP-67 control module, the Leaf Valeo Wi will send images up to a distance of 33 feet. The iPAQ acts as an instant image and display control unit allowing you to manage the high-resolution images by zooming-in, verifying focus, setting camera parameters, and even deleting or transfering files to another source. The Leaf DP-67 acts as both a digital proofing device and photographic assistant.

This system turns existing large format analog cameras into digital systems, allowing the photographer to control the electronc lens from speeds up to 1/500 sec in 1/10 f-stop intervals producing accurate and consistent shutter performance. It also features a live video view feature for easy and accurate composition by superimposing a designer layout over the live image, as well as on sensor absolute focus.