Motorola A840 network jumping phone

Motorola A840 network jumping phone


Motorola introduced the A840 CDMA/GSM handset today to the global market. The A840 will be available in North America around the middle of 2004. The handset combines 800/1900 CDMA, CDMA 1X and 900/1800 GSM making it one of the first inter-band compabitble phones on the market. If business is important to you, and a lost call or disconnect can cost you, this phone may be your solution. The technology lets you travel from location to location while seamlessly jumping networks, the switching is undetectable between networks.

“This handset has incredible reach to almost any corner of the globe. You can travel from the US to Europe to China yet never lose touch with colleagues, friends, or family. Think of it as ‘extreme global communications.’” said Tim Cawley, senior vice president and general manager, Motorola CDMA Product Group.

If you travel around the globe, the A840 also delivers the ability to check and send e-mail, conduct meetings using the office-quality built-in speakerphone, surf the Internet and download and send information seamlessly almost anywhere in the world.

Not only is this the business mans dream come true, the Motorola A840 also has a sporty design with 64MB memory and features an integrated MP3 player, removable Trans-Flash (formerly known as T-Flash) a 2.2-inch colour display, speech recognition, and a super sharp 1.2 mega-pixel camera.