Toshiba unveils wearable concepts for 0.85-inch HDD at CeBIT 2004

Toshiba unveils wearable concepts for 0.85-inch HDD at CeBIT 2004


Toshiba today will preview several concepts, a Wristwatch PDA, Digital Wallet, Intelligent Eye Display System, and MP3 Headset. These are designed around Toshiba’s new 0.85-inch HDD; the concepts are a vision for the ‘digital human’ of tomorrow.

The Wristwatch PDA is a definite necessity for the digital human; the concept offers a fully functional high-end PDA in the comfort of a modern digital watch. It uses a wide screen hi-definition display for videophone conferences. It will integrate with your other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, it will even broadcast to the nearest WiFi TV or smart display.

If the Chameleon Pocket Vault wasn’t futuristic enough for ya, Toshiba has designed the Digital Wallet/Data Key solution. This is geared to the busy professional living in our hectic society. It will allow him to utilize biometric security features, store crucial healthcare and passport information, as well as access your home, office or car. It also supports basic PDA functions with an electronic address book, mobile email, and wireless connectivity. Toshiba also integrated personal finance features for location-based m-commerce and electronic purchases via your credit cards.

The intelligent spectacles concept is unlike any other design we have seen. With a dual eye advanced display system resembling something out of a Sci-Fi movie, the user simply focuses their eye on the desired screen object (menu items, text, etc.) once focused that item becomes selected. It will also feature wireless connectivity for easy email access and web browsing.

A simple looking headset, but inside is your 0.85-inch HDD, full stereo sound, Wi-Fi compatibility to transfer your music tracks even while its still on your head! The player uses scroll wheel for quick and easy access to menus and track selections.

These concept products all use Toshiba’s new 0.85-inch HDD and will be interactively displayed by Toshiba at the Innovation Corner (Hall 1, Stand 6H) at CeBIT 2004.