Panasonic X300 Motion Video Handset

Panasonic X300 Motion Video Handset


The unique X300 from Panasonic has a one-push button pop-up LCD 65K colour screen, the first for any mobile handset. Flip or pop-up LCD screens are mainly used on camcorders, Panasonic seems to be pushing this phone to young amateur videographers. This design seems to be an improvement for ergonomics, and will make filming easier by holding your phone sideways, rather then straight on.

Unfortunately Panasonic did not mention how much memory is on the device, we should hope it supports SD but there was no mention of expansion memory either. The Panasonic X300 demo video shows you how fast the screen flips open when the button is triggered, unfortunately there is nothing appealing under the LCD, Panasonic could have thought of something to hide under there.

X300 Features

– Pop up display screen
– Video record and playback
– 65k colour display
– Built-in VGA digital camera
– Multimedia messaging
– 40-Polyphonic ring tones
– 2 preloaded games
– WAP 2.0 browser
– Tri-band
– GPRS class 8

The X300 is available from Autumn 2004.