Siemens Gigaset SL740 – First cordless home phone with integrated digital camera

Siemens Gigaset SL740 – First cordless home phone with integrated digital camera


The first ever home phone with fixed-line MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) was launched today by Siemens Mobile. The SL740 combines a high-resolution colour display and an integrated digital camera. The sleek cordless phone opens up brand new ways of communication, allowing you to capture experiences together and share them with friends in an instant from your home.

The Siemens Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn provides a seamless solution between the mobile and fixed world. This new device lets you bring alive stories and special moments with pictures and a burst of colour. Be creative and express yourself whenever you want – sofa to sofa and with friends and family on the move. Send a picture of baby’s first smile to Dad’s mobile phone when he is away from home, to make sure he doesn’t miss out. Or go further and record baby’s first giggle and send a sound clip with the image and if you really want to get your excitement across, the 640 character SMS feature might just be the answer.

Borrowing another favorite mobile feature, this innovative cordless phone offers picture CLIP to personalize your phone book with snapshots – so you can always put a face to a name! In addition, different polyphonic ringer melodies can be allocated to specific phonebook entries, so you can give your best friend a signature tune and always know when someone is calling for the latest gossip, even if the phone is in a different room.

With capacity for 200 names and numbers to be stored in the phone book, you might have to look on for inspiration on downloadable ringer melodies. If you are feeling creative you can personalize the handset with logos and pictures and if you find a favorite, transfer it to your PC and use it as a screensaver. With the Data suite and Data Cable it is easy to change pictures, download ringer melodies, and synchronize your address book with Outlook.

Clemens Joos, President of the Cordless Products Division of Siemens mobile: “The Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn is about sharing experiences and enhancing the relationships we build with friends and family. I believe that with this exciting new phone Siemens is marking a new era of communications for families and homes across Europe. We are no. 1 in the industry for cordless phones and the innovative Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn demonstrates why.”

The Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn could also be the forgetful persons dream phone. With a calendar function that lets you store dates and reminders next to phone book entries, when your partners smile appears on the screen you might just remember to buy that bunch of flowers and with an organizer and alarm clock, you’ll never miss a birthday or be late again.

Siemens Gigaset SL740/SLX740isdn is available across Europe from April 2004. It is presented in striking titanium and may be purchased from Siemens Gigaset range retailers or online from