Nokia 5140 RFID Reader

Nokia 5140 RFID Reader


At the CeBIT 2004 trade show in Hannover Germany, Nokia will launch the mobile RFID Kit for the Nokia 5140 handset. This is the first integrated RFID solution for a mobile GSM phone.

The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit will ship mid-2004 and contain two Xpress-on RFID Reader Shells compatible with the Nokia 5140 mobile phone, the relevant application software for the phone, and twenty RFID tags. The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit extends the mobility of field force personnel by integrating RFID reader technology to a familiar portable device. Simply by touching a smart object, the user can initiate tasks in their Nokia phone – call and send text messages or access databases and record new data entries.

“There are numerous ways to utilize the Nokia Mobile RFID Kit in a business”, said Gerhard Romen, Head of Market Development, Nokia Ventures Organization. “The user can easily launch services and conveniently access phone functions like dial or send messages, just by touching smart objects, in this case RFID tags. The phone reader will read the content of the smart object, and translate it to an action. For example, a field service engineer can intuitively start browsing the latest service instructions to repair a machine on site. It is also possible to collect meter reading data to the phone by keying the reading into the phone, replacing the paper and pen method still widely in use today. The Kit can also replace the pen and paper method in recording time and attendance, for example.”

The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit is part of the Nokia Field Force Solution and operates in the 13.56MHz frequency range, at a very short range of typically 2-3 centimetres, using the ISO-14443A standard. The short reading distance is optimal for field force solutions where tags placed in premises and devices are read individually by a workforce that moves.

The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit is an enabler of Nokia’s “Life Goes Mobile” vision in making mobile phones more intuitive for users. Touching a smart object with a mobile phone is an easy way to connect to mobile services and content. It will not only improve the experience of using current services, but also create entirely new applications and value.