CeBIT 2004 Trade Show, Hannover Germany March 18-24

CeBIT 2004 Trade Show, Hannover Germany March 18-24


CeBIT 2004 in Hannover Germany will take place from Thursday, 18 March to Wednesday, 24 March 2004. Over 6,500 exhibitors from around the world will cover almost 90 acres of display area.

Visitors to CeBIT 2004, will have access to Wireless LAN in every hall at the exhibition center, as well as in the Information Center (IC) the Convention Center (CC) and the Press Center. With over 200 access points installed all around the venue, visitors can use their WiFi capable terminal devices to dial into the Internet via IEEE 802.11b network.

For the first time a SMS-based Fair Guide is offered to search for exhibitors with your mobile phone.

If you would like to know the location of a specific exhibitor, you only need to send a SMS with the exhibitors name to the service number in Monaco +3777-4-CeBIT (+3777 4 23248) and within seconds the system responds with the hall and booth information of this specified exhibitor. If there are multiple hits you recieve up to three SMS.