Super Small 5cm Square Computer – The Teacube

Super Small 5cm Square Computer – The Teacube


A Japanese company named Personal Media has commenced sales of its super small 5cm square sized computer which they named the “Teacube”. The product was unveiled at the TRON show in December of last year.

The Architecture is based on the T-Engine as seen here. And the operating system is based on the T-Kernel, also seen at the previous link.

As for included software, the device comes with a basic browser, word processor, mapping application, micro script visual language, as well as systems components containing networking, system and user utilities.

The system specifications include:

– NEC Electronics MIPS core processor VR5701
– 64MB of RAM
– 16MB of Flash Memory
– Size – 52x52x45mm
– 2 USB ports,
– 2 RS-232C
– CF Card Slot
– 100Bse-TX Port
– CRT Connector
– eTRON card slot
– Mic jack
– Headphone jack
– Maximum display size 1280×1024 dot
– 65,536 colors


Available soon for purchase from the company’s website.