Epson Launches the Worlds First Rangefinder Digital Camera

Epson Launches the Worlds First Rangefinder Digital Camera


The Epson R-D1 Rangefinder Digital Camera prototype was shown at PMA this year. Today the release is official, making the R-D1 the worlds first rangefinder digital camera. The Leica M and L mount adapters let you use professional quality lenses on this six megapixel beauty.

A rangefinder is a type of camera that has a built-in device for measuring distance based on the principles of triangulation. The photographer focuses the camera by superimposing two slightly different views of a scene with the rangefinder. In general, compared to an auto-focus system, performance does not change even if lenses are swapped, and focus can be achieved quickly, accurately and with a light level that is nearly the same as the unaided eye, even in dimly lit locations. In addition, since the field of view is not blocked by the action of a shutter as it is with a single-lens reflex camera, the photographer will not miss the decisive moment.

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