Bluetooth Accessories for the roadwarrior

Bluetooth Accessories for the roadwarrior


Sony Ericsson today unveiled several Bluetooth accessories for your handset. First is the Bluetooth Car Handsfree HCB?300. It offers an innovative Color ID interface that makes it easy to share the device with other people who drive the same car. Second up is the Akono Bluetooth Headset HBH-600. The HBH-600 will be available in Q2 2004 and the HCB-300 will be available in Q3 2004.

The HCB?300 automatically connects to the user’s phone using Bluetooth wireless technology when the car ignition is engaged, even if the phone remains in a pocket or bag. This makes it more convenient for people who frequently have to get in and out of their car. The user can make their preparations to drive without having to remember to connect the HCB-300 to the phone. With the phone still in the user’s pocket or bag, there is no risk of leaving the phone behind in the car when the journey is over.

The HCB?300 can handle up to five different user profiles. Each user chooses an identification color from the Color ID feature. When the car ignition is engaged, the HCB-300 automatically connects to the last phone used in the car displaying the pre-selected Color ID for that phone. If a user with the Color ID ‘blue’ drove the car last, the display will indicate the Bluetooth™ connection with a blue screen interface. If the next person in the car is a different user with a Color ID ‘green’, the HCB-300 will first try to connect to the ‘blue’ phone, as it was the last used in the car, then automatically search and find the ‘green’ Color ID user’s profile. A user can manually change the Color ID with one easy key push or simply wait for the HCB-300 to find the phone. The Color ID feature allows an entire family or group of colleagues using the same company car to use the same HCB-300.

The HCB-300 supports the voice recognition, voice tags in the address book of the phone in use, allowing users to receive phone calls while driving without losing focus. If the phone rings it’s easy and convenient to take the call with just one simple key push increasing the driver’s safety and convenience.

When a call is received, the car stereo automatically mutes and the driver can hear the caller’s voice loud and clear. The HCB-300 offers excellent sound quality for a pleasant user experience, allowing users to handle important calls without the worry about missing vital information because of sound disturbance.

Much work has gone into making the HBH-600 as practical and easy to use as possible. The ear loop is flexible enough to fit most ears and sturdy enough to hold the headset firmly in place. The user can put it on with one hand and move around freely just pressing a button on the control unit to answer or reject calls. A practical strap, included in the kit, makes sure that the headset is always at hand without being in the way.

The Akono™ Headset HBH-600 comes with two exchangeable Style-Up™ covers and colour variety can be increased with the Style-Up™ Kit ISK-600, which contains five covers in different colors and a case to protect the headset when not in use. The HBH-600 is the ideal accessory for people who lead an active life, but don’t want to compromise on style or quality. It supports all the advanced voice features of Sony Ericsson’s Bluetooth™ phones such as voice dial, voice commands for answering and rejecting calls.