SpeedTech Weatherstation Wristwatch

SpeedTech Weatherstation Wristwatch


SpeedTech Instruments has designed the first ever weather station wristwatch with accurate wind speed measurement. The Weather Watch Pro uses a Swiss-made flip-up impeller and Beaufort scale graph to constantly monitor changing barometric air pressure, and even alerts you to changing weather and storms.

The rugged design of the WW-1 makes it water resistant and shockproof. This perfect for mountain climbers (to 30,000 feet) water sports (down to 10 feet) or the golf course. There’s also a mechanical compass to keep you from getting lost.

The WW-1 retails for around $150 USD and is available in both yellow and black. This fancy watch will give you wind speed, temperature with wind chill calculation, barometric pressure with 9-hour history graph, and altitude as well as pinpoint accurate time, date, alarm, timer and stop watch. Data is expressed in MPH, KPH, meters/second, meters/feet, and C/F°. You can also detach the monitor from the wrist strap, and use the supplied lanyard to wear the weather station on your belt, bike, or backpack.