Motorola unveils the E398, E680 and C650 handsets

Motorola unveils the E398, E680 and C650 handsets


Today at the M3 Music Summit in Miami Beach, Motorola introduced three new mobile music handsets aimed to deliver MTV wireless conten. The alliance with MTV will deliver the Motorola E398, E680 and C650 handsets intense music-based sounds and actions across all functions – gaming, MP3 and ringtones. The most noteable Motorola C650, pictured right, features MPEG4 video playback and a 4X zoom integrated camera.

Motorola E398
The new Motorola E398 transports its users into an alternate world of sound and vision. With an integrated MP3 player, SanDisk T-Flash removable memory and dual MFT 16mm 3D stereo surround sound speakers, the model E398 puts the power of mobile music in the palm of your hand. Vibration sensory technology and rhythm lights that interact with Java games, ringtones, caller ID and ambient noise, bring the handset to life. A sharp color screen means you never look fuzzy, and an integrated camera with flash ensures a darkened room or dance floor need never get between you and your subject … send pictures as evidence of a great night.

Motorola E680

Entertainment enthusiasts rejoice with Motorola’s E680 handset – dual 3D stereo surround sound speakers and RealPlayer software provide incredible reproduction of the newest of sounds and the handset’s large color screen brings your favorite videos to life. Music and video fanatics can download up to 1GB of content on the device’s removable memory and can update their entertainment choices as often as they like. Downloading is easy with seamless USB data transfer support and fast over the air downloads via GPRS technology or Bluetooth for wireless transfer of files. Gaming gets serious on the model E680 with 3D graphics, portable and downloadable J2ME games and 8-way navi and gaming keys. Simultaneous key press and multi-channel audio supports for MIDI background music and MP3 sound effects bring new digital worlds to life.

Motorola C650

The Motorola C650 is a feature-forward, stylish phone for those who crave a blend of mobility and entertainment. Designed to give you a total sensory experience, the model C650 is a pocket-sized package jam-packed with musical MP3 ringtones, integrated VGA 4X zoom camera, 65K color display, MPEG4 video playback, downloadable Java games and multimedia messaging. The wealth of personalization gears let you make every day your own gig and let you groove to every call, message and game. Download new wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, games or applications, mix your own ringtones with the unique MotoMixer, individualize your incoming calls with picture caller ID, and flaunt your style with rhythm lights that display distinctive lighting patterns during rhythmic ringtones, events and games.

Motorola’s E398 and E680 handsets are compatible with the latest addition to Motorola’s Bluetooth portfolio, the Wireless Headset HS820. The stylish and affordable HS820 provides hands-free convenience without wires for up to six hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time. The Motorola E398 is also compatible with Motorola’s new One-Touch Stereo Headset HS120. The HS120 features an acoustically tuned speaker that offers users premium sound clarity even in noisy environments. Plus, the handset automatically mutes the music for an incoming call and resumes playing it after the call has ended.

Motorola is committed to delivering a secure wireless music environment to protect artists’ rights and, as a member of the Open Mobile Alliance, Motorola supports the OMA’s Digital Rights Management specifications. These specifications will open the door to a wealth of digital media for mobile users. The work accomplished through the OMA will give content providers and artists a way to protect content and add a new level of confidence that only paid users are allowed to download and use digital media.

The Motorola C650 and E398 are expected in Q2 and the E680 is expected in the second half of the year.