Cypak creates disposable paperboard computer

Cypak creates disposable paperboard computer


Swedish technology company Cypak AB, has created the world s first disposable paperboard computer by integrating innovative microelectronics and printable sensors into paperboard. The disposable computer will be shown at CeBIT 2004 in Germany.

“We transform static objects into secure data collection devices”, states Stina Ehrensvärd, Marketing Director and Founder, Cypak. “Our Intelligent pharmaceutical packaging and secure courier packaging are just two examples where industry leaders have seen the potential benefits and implemented our enabling technology.”
Microelectronics and sensors integrated into paper

The Cypak paperboard computer is not a PC, but it still matches the definition of a computer as it can collect, process and exchange several pages of encrypted data.

The product is enabled by Cypak S2C technology, a new RFID technology, bringing new functionality and security to a lower cost than current definition.

The technology is based on a small chip-based electronic module and printable sensors which can be integrated into a vast range of material and products, such as: packaging, plastic cards, adhesive, etc., to monitor the objects and collect time-tagged data.

Placed on a simple reader connected to a PC, the computerized object can instantly and automatically exchange highly secured data over the Internet.

Cypak technology OEM-components can be integrated into most objects from 1 USD. OEM-components for readers using Cypak RFID are available from 1 USD in high volume quantity.