Psion Teklogix Workabout PRO: the all-in-one mobile business machine

Psion Teklogix Workabout PRO: the all-in-one mobile business machine


Psion Teklogix has released the Workabout PRO family of devices, both are highly customizable and run on the Windows CE .NET architecture. The Workabout PRO C version, meaning colour, will be available with 32MB Flash and 128MB SDRAM. The M version (Monochrome), for those not interested in a colour screen and want to get right down to business, will come with 32MB Flash and 64MB SDRAM.

The rugged design gives you the ability to drop it from four feet above and hit solid concrete (IP54 rating). Both units also feature GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and 802.11b WAN connectivity. Availability is scheduled throughout North America, Europe and Asia this June.

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Psion Teklogix Sets Benchmark With New WORKABOUT PRO

Psion Teklogix, a global provider of solutions for mobile computing and wireless data collection, today unveiled the WORKABOUT PRO, a Windows CE .NET based hand-held computer that delivers the flexibility, performance and ruggedness required for data collection in harsh environments, in a very user friendly, ergonomic package. Based on industry standards, the WORKABOUT PRO provides ease of integration with customer infrastructures while class-leading expansion and customization capabilities enable it to meet the needs of the mobile computing, supply chain and logistics and retail markets.

An evolution of the highly customizable Psion Workabout, the WORKABOUT PRO features a wide range of expansion, radio and data input options augmented by extensive device customization capabilities through Psion Teklogix hardware and software development kits. This, combined with the enterprise-focused, highly customizable Windows CE .NET operating system, allows the WORKABOUT PRO to be tailored to the exact needs of a mobile workforce, whether it is in the manufacturing, distribution, field service, meter reading, retail, light duty warehousing or third party logistics markets.

“The original Psion Workabout has been an extremely successful product with hundreds of thousands of units sold globally across multiple markets,” says Norbert Dawalibi, president and chief executive officer, Psion Teklogix. “Building on this success, the WORKABOUT PRO brings new technologies and enhanced customization capabilities to deliver on the evolving needs of our customers.”

With Windows CE .NET and the Intel XScale processor serving as a platform, the WORKABOUT PRO is an entry-level hand-held computer that has the power to run advanced applications. Utilization of standard radio technologies such as GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and 802.11b, enables the WORKABOUT PRO to integrate with customer infrastructure requirements. The WORKABOUT PRO boasts simultaneous support of WAN, 802.11b and Bluetooth connectivity.

The WORKABOUT PRO delivers reliable performance, even in harsh environments, with an IP54 rating and ability to withstand drops from four feet to concrete. This rugged design enables it to deliver reliable performance and productive up-time to customers, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. However, this ruggedness is not achieved at the expense of ergonomics as the lightweight WORKABOUT PRO features a crisp, sunlight readable display and keyboard designed to meet the needs of users.

Available in two models, the entry-level WORKABOUT PRO M features a monochrome touch display, 32MB Flash and 64MB SDRAM and the WORKABOUT PRO C adds a colour touch display, an embedded Bluetooth radio, 32MB Flash and 128MB SDRAM.

“The WORKABOUT PRO’s level of functionality, flexibility, ruggedness, customization and competitive price point set it apart from other entry-level devices on the market today,” said Tim Shea, senior analyst, Venture Development Corporation. “With the WORKABOUT PRO, Psion Teklogix has a competitive advantage in meeting the needs of the untapped entry level market and will be able to satisfy a wide range of mobile applications needs.”

The WORKABOUT PRO will be available in the June 2004 timeframe in North America, Europe and Asia.