Sympatico offers dual-purpose 802.11g Wi-Fi modem

Sympatico offers dual-purpose 802.11g Wi-Fi modem


Sympatico is the first major service provider in Canada to offer a dual-purpose Wi-Fi modem, this allows customers to surf the internet via a 128-bit encrypted wireless high-speed modem. The new device manufactured by Siemens AG will sell for $69.95 or offered free to any high-speed customers who sign a 12-month contract.

Sympatico’s new product is based on the 802.11g standard, capable of upto 54MBps wireless data transfers throughout your home.

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Sympatico first Canadian ISP to wirelessly connect homes through an integrated, high speed solution

Sympatico, Bell Canada’s Internet service provider, today announced the launch of its Wireless Home Networking solution that enables consumers to share high speed access across multiple computers and IP-enabled devices in the home.

The features of Sympatico’s new Wireless Home Networking service will enable customers to:

– Enjoy secure wireless access from anywhere in the home;

– Share a single high-speed Internet connection between multiple PCs and Internet-enabled devices such as Xbox and Play Station 2 gaming consoles, media adapters, DVD players and digital cameras and printers;

– Share files, music, digital pictures, and videos throughout the home.

“Sympatico is responding to what more and more Canadians say they want in their homes: fast, simple, secure and fully supported wireless connectivity allowing them to access the Internet throughout their home,” said Charlotte Burke, Senior Vice-President, Consumer Internet Services, Bell Canada. “More than ever, Canadian families have more than one device that connects to the Internet. It is not only additional computers, or laptops brought home by working parents, but other devices such as video game console or even IP-enabled music devices,” said Brian Sharwood, Associate Director of Research, Seaboard Group. “Any solution that simplifies the connection and the process of how these devices are networked will be sure to succeed. If wireless is included it opens up a whole new set of options for Canadians.”

“We are the first Canadian ISP to sell and support an integrated wireless home networking solution,” said Burke. “This new service sets Sympatico apart from other Internet Service Providers by offering customers the freedom and convenience of consistently fast and secure wireless Internet access supported by Sympatico seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.”

Starting today new customers of the Sympatico High Speed and High Speed Ultra services can receive the integrated wireless high-speed modem and router in place of the standard modem for a low, one-time fee of $69.95. Existing High Speed and High Speed Ultra customers can exchange their standard modems for the new wireless Home Networking modems for the upgrade fee or for free, bundled with access, if they sign a 12-month agreement ($44.95 per month for High Speed service or $69.95 per month for Ultra service).

The Bell Sympatico Home Networking technology package includes:

– An integrated Siemens WiFi gateway with colour coded ports for easy installation and which prompt the user to accept security encryption settings for safe surfing;

– A simple user guide and set-up wizard for quick and easy self installation

– 24/7 access to the Sympatico help desk;

– Available professional installation for $99.