UTStarcom Launches Its First Dual-Mode PAS/GSM Handset

UTStarcom Launches Its First Dual-Mode PAS/GSM Handset


UTStarcom, Inc. today introduced the introduction of its first dual-mode PAS/GSM handset, the UT 818. To serve the strong demand of PAS Cityphone subscribers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The Company plans to introduce the handset in other markets over time. PAS subscribers who travel outside of their service area will now have the capability of making and receiving calls on surrounding GSM networks. Moreover, while in their service area, users can choose to make or receive calls on either PAS or GSM.

“The UT 818 handset is the result of tremendous demand by subscribers for the convenience of a dual-mode handset, which allows for interoperability between PAS and GSM networks, and is a testament to UTStarcom’s dedication to driving innovative solutions to meet the demands of subscribers and creating new revenue opportunities for its operator customers,” said Hong Lu, chairman and chief executive officer of UTStarcom. “The UT 818 represents the best of both worlds — the cost-effectiveness of PAS service and the ubiquity of GSM networks worldwide.”

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