PalmSource releases Cobalt Simulator for developers

PalmSource releases Cobalt Simulator for developers


PalmSource has released a simulator for Cobalt (Palm OS v6.0) today. The software lets developers test source code without a Palm handheld device. This will allow faster development of new software for the OS.

The Palm OS Simulator is the Palm OS 5.0 system compiled native for Intel. It is not hardware emulation like Palm OS Emulator, but rather the real OS running on top of the DAL.

The Palm OS core is made up of the various system DLLs you will see when you open up the Simulator folder on your PC. Because the system is in the DLLs, the ROM file differs from a ROM file that would run on Palm OS Emulator. It contains the Palm Application Compatibility Environment (PACE, which emulates your 68k PRCs) and the various default PRCs such as Datebook and Memopad. The 68k environment provided in PACE is effectively identical to the functionality supported by Palm OS 4.1.