California Micro Devices Extends Its USB Transceiver Product Family for Mobile Electronics

California Micro Devices Extends Its USB Transceiver Product Family for Mobile Electronics


California Micro Devices today announced four new versions of the CM2400 USB transceiver product family, the CM2400-02, CM2400-03, CM2400-04 and CM2400-05. The CM2400 product family is well suited for USB-enabled mobile electronics such as wireless handsets, digital still cameras, digital video camcorders, handheld PCs/PDAs and MP3 players. The CM2400 transceivers feature an internal level shifter that allows USB signals to correctly interface with the USB controller in core chipsets with core voltages of 1.65 to 3.3 Volts. The devices also feature a USB detect function that auto-senses the presence of a USB cable, eliminating the need for further external circuitry, reducing board space and overall cost while saving design time. The devices are fully compliant with USB specifications Rev. 1.1 and 2.0, and can be utilized in either a USB host or peripheral device.

A Variety of Speeds and Signal Input Modes
Operating at low speed (1.5Mbps) and full speed (12Mbps) levels and featuring different signal input modes, the CM2400-02 and CM2400-03 USB transceivers are positioned for a wide array of applications. The CM2400-02 works in single-ended input mode, while the CM2400-03 operates in differential input mode only. The CM2400-04 allows the system designer to select speed and signal input modes for the USB-enabled product. The CM2400-05, which operates at full speed, has a unique bi-directional differential interface to enable the pins to be inputs and outputs. This feature reduces the number of active pins from four to two, which simplifies board layout and thus reduces overall solution cost.

Small Form Factors

The CM2400-02 and CM2400-03 are offered in 16-lead TSSOP, HBCC and TQFN packages, while the CM2400-04 and CM2400-05 are assembled in 16-lead HBCC and TQFN package formats. The HBCC and TQFN packages each occupies only approximately 9mm2 of board space. Compared to traditional plastic packages such as the 16-lead TSSOP, they provide up to 70% board savings.

“The CM2400-02/03/04/05 are the latest additions to California Micro Devices’ suite of USB interface solutions,” stated Mazhar Hussain, director of marketing for mobile products. “Together with our existing devices such as USB port terminators with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, chip scale (electromagnetic interference) EMI filters with ESD protection and power management ICs, these new transceivers provide our customers a complete USB interface solution.”

Pricing and Availability

These devices are currently sampling, and are priced at $1.15 each in 1,000 units. 16-lead TQFN samples will be available in April 2004. Volume production is scheduled for May 2004.