Review: RTV Visual Entertainment Generator

Review: RTV Visual Entertainment Generator


The VEG (Visual Entertainment Generator) from RTV is a great way to maximize space, and even put your old extra monitor back to use. This small device allows you to watch video on any standard computer screen from any coax, RCA, S-Video and VGA output. It even has a built in digital cable TV tuner so you can auto-scan your channels and surf cable on your monitor.

We decided to take this a step further and put the VEG to use on a road trip last week. We brought the trusty Xbox along with our 19″ LCD screen. The VEG flawlessly connected to the LCD allowing us to play games on a beautiful vivid 19″ LCD display at 1024×768 resolution. Let me tell you, there were several arguments over who sat in the back of the van. We watched dvd movies, and played video games at an astonishing picture quality. The VEG also controls the sound, it has several audio line inputs, and a line out.

It is very easy to use and setup, and moderately priced at $95. Still, much cheaper then buying a TV with lower picture quality then your computer monitor. VEG just released a new version for laptop computers, the $159.99 VEG-N. This model allows you to connect Cable TV, Xbox, PS2, VCR, or DVD or any other video input device on your notebook computer, as well as standard computer screens. The VEG-Lite is only $59 but lacks the TV tuner.

Pros: Excellent innovation allowing you to turn a computer display LCD or CRT into a TV, works with all video devices and has great tuner quality.

Cons: Coaxial connector gets loose, but can be tightened.