Philips 355 features BeDJ music mix software


    The Philips 355 combines great digital image capture, the unique BeDJ music mix software, and MMS connectivity to give users the ability to instantly capture emotions and special moments to keep or share.

    The new handset offers much more than just camera phone functionality: Captured images can be combined with personalized audio files and sent to friends and family as MMS messages. Using the phone’s unique FotoTalk feature, voice messages can be added to pictures easily – great for sending ‘talking postcards’ while on holiday.

    Integrated camera for a fast ‘snapshot’ – day or night
    The Philips 355’s integrated CIF camera enables click-and-snap photography, ready to be used at any time and anywhere – even in the dark, using the Night Mode feature. A dedicated ‘snapshot’ key provides a virtually instant response to fast-changing emotions and opportunities.

    As well as taking photos, the Philips 355 also has a big selection of embedded pictures to use as a starter kit for MMS messages, wallpaper backgrounds and screensavers. Pictures stored in the Philips 355’s memory can be used in a fun feature for identifying who is making an incoming call: FotoCall enables images to be attached to numbers in the 355’s phonebook, so that when the phone rings the corresponding photo appears on the display, giving users the extra security of knowing what kind of call they are receiving at any time.

    Great gaming experience

    All images are displayed on the 355’s large and clear display, which can handle up to 65K colors– ideal for viewing images or playing downloadable games. Using Java™ 2.0 multimedia technology for mobile products, the Philips 355 provides a great gaming experience, brilliantly combining exciting images, motion and sound to entertain the user whenever they feel the need to be entertained.

    The 355 also makes text messaging easy. The large display can show up to eight lines of SMS text, while Philips has developed a brand new messaging interface for this phone, simplifying the number of steps required to write and send an SMS message.

    Unique BeDJ sound recording and mixing function

    The 355 phone also includes Philips’ unique BeDJ application, which lets users create, store and share up to nine distinctive music mixes from either downloaded WAP sources or MMS (operator service dependent), or tracks and sound embedded in the phone.

    As a real-time composer, BeDJ brings out the creativity in people, with its Music Mix Panel enabling users to mix up to nine tracks, choose an instrument for each music track, change the tempo and volume of the sound and share the results with friends via MMS thus a very easy way of mixing your own ring tones.

    Super-compact and stylish

    Packed with the exciting multimedia functions, the Philips 355 is nonetheless a super-compact and extremely stylish mobile phone. Weighing just 82g, its cool, rounded shape looks great in use or worn around the neck using the convenient neckstrap supplied as standard. The transparent front houses an easy-to-use keypad, and the phone is finished in subtly contrasting high-gloss chrome and matte aluminum materials.

    The Philips 355 offers operating times of up to four hours talk time and up to 400 hours – more than 12 days – standby time. The new phone will be introduced in Europe in the course of the second quarter of 2004 in selected countries.

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