Symbian lanuches OS v8.0 with Hybrid OpenGL ES

Symbian lanuches OS v8.0 with Hybrid OpenGL ES


Symbian today announced the availability of Symbian OS v8.0, the latest version of Symbian OS. The new enhanced Java version will include the Hybrid OpenGL ES solution for the most extreme mobile gaming experience. Version 8.0 will also support SDIO standards for incorporating SD memory expansion and I/O ports. Another significant enhancement will enable handset manufacturers to use ‘single core’ processors that integrate telephony and application processing, substantially reducing Symbian OS phone build cost.

A joint agreement with Criterion Software and Hybrid Graphics to deliver Hybrid OpenGL ES and JSR 184 implementations for Symbian OS v8.0. Criterion’s RenderWare Mobile initiative will support the pre-integration and shipping of Hybrid Graphics’ OpenGL ES solution as a reference implementation to Symbian OS licensees, which will accelerate the early development and delivery to market of devices that carry the key embedded 3D graphics standards.

“Symbian has selected the Hybrid OpenGL ES solution as the reference implementation that ships first with Symbian OS v8.0 to handset manufacturers and development partners. This satisfies the growing demand from our licensees to simplify the delivery of 3D standards for mobile devices,” says Bill Pinnell, Multimedia and Games Product Strategist, Symbian. “Hybrid’s solution was the natural choice for us as Hybrid have been one of the leading Symbian OS OpenGL ES experts and have the first compliant OpenGL ES software implementation available in a simple, modular architecture that provides flexibility for our licensees.”

As part of the RenderWare Mobile initiative Criterion and Hybrid have also established partnerships with the major cell phone silicon manufacturers to ensure optimized OpenGL ES drivers are available for Symbian licensees, whatever their choice of silicon, enabling a smooth transition for 3D applications from reference devices to the deployed platform.