RADIXS Revolutionizes Mobile Computing with MXI – Motion eXperience Interface

RADIXS Revolutionizes Mobile Computing with MXI – Motion eXperience Interface


At 3GSM World Congress 2004 today, RADIXS announced a strategic alliance with Sun Microsystems and SingTel Mobile to deliver a fully functional office productivity solution on mobile devices.

The OS titled, Motion eXperience Interface (MXI) will provide a desktop computing environment on your mobile device. The most amazing feature is that it enables fully-fledged desktop applications written for Windows, Linux, Java, Palm and 32-bit console games to work immediately on mobile devices.

This may change what type of software applications and games will be developed for mobile users and what they will be developed with, thanks to the cross platform compatability.

See press release below.

Wireless Solutions Company RADIXS Revolutionizes Mobile Computing with World’s First Universal Mobile Operating System

Wireless solutions company RADIXS today unveiled the world’s first universal mobile operating system, which offers users the power of the PC alongside the ability to create information and be entertained while “on the go.”

The launch of the Motion eXperience Interface (MXI) OS signals a significant change in the way consumers can use wireless devices for computing and communications.

While existing operating systems offer a stripped-down architecture where users can only access compromised mobile content, MXI’s core strength provides instant desktop computing experiences and applications on mobile devices without any redevelopment. MXI also allows interoperability between various platforms, networks, software and hardware components.

MXI enables fully-fledged desktop applications written for Windows, Linux, Java(tm), Palm and 32-bit console games to work immediately on mobile devices. Full Internet access via HTML 4.0 and Flash eliminates the need to strip down web services. In effect, MXI offers the world’s largest library of combined legacy content and applications for mobile devices today.

New Business Paradigm for Mobile Operators

Mobile operators can now use a single platform to provision and customise existing applications and content to consumers and enterprises. This ability allows operators to increase data revenue and margins per user. MXI’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface and familiarity of applications allows for rapid adoption among users.

Proposition for Device Manufacturers

Instead of requiring a different OS for each and every device (mobile phone, gaming platform or PDA), device manufacturers can use a single operating system to deliver new and unique handheld devices to consumers and enterprises. Manufacturers can create unique form factors for different market segments, with the MXI OS running in the background, customised for each purpose.

Impact on Content & Application Developers

Content and Application Developers (or Independent Software Vendors) can deploy their existing desktop applications written for other operating systems without any redevelopment on MXI OS, allowing them to leverage the large distribution channels of network operators. Users can then subscribe for these applications through their operators, and receive them instantly, on-demand.

“RADIXS MXI will revolutionize the way consumers interact with their devices, and with the environment around them,” said R Chandrasekar, Chief Executive Officer, RADIXS. “Users will no longer have to limit themselves to operating system-centric applications. Instead, they can choose from an extended library of applications immediately, regardless of which operating system it was developed for. Because applications will be offered on demand to users on a subscription basis, each device can be personalised according to individual user profiles.”

SingTel Mobile to Trial Use of MXI OS

RADIXS has partnered with SingTel Mobile to trial MXI OS on the latter’s GPRS, Wi-Fi and upcoming 3G network. Devices offering MXI OS can be expected during the second half of 2004.

Mr Chye Hoon Pin, SingTel Mobile’s Senior Director (Consumer Products – Mobile) said, “SingTel always believes in making communication and data access as hassle-free as possible for our customers. MXI promises to deliver that ease and effortlessness in enabling services and applications via a single device. The good news to our customers is that they can run complete desktop applications regardless of their host operating systems anytime and anywhere. The trial on our GPRS, Wi-Fi and 3G infrastructures is to ensure a seamless handover across these networks, which will then translate to a seamless user experience for our customers. They need not bother about which network is serving them. This will be the ultimate charm for our customers.”

Mobilising Sun’s StarOffice 7

Sun Microsystems’ premier office suite, StarOffice 7, will see its first mobile version deployed on RADIXS MXI which is completely compatible with Java. With its global community of open source developers at OpenOffice.org, with more that 33 million downloads, StarOffice is the world’s leading productivity suite on Linux and the Solaris OS, and the main alternative to Windows. The software is affordable, easy-to-use, and based on open standards. It offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database capabilities.

“Sun’s strategic alliance with RADIXS opens new opportunities for users to experience our broad array of software technologies on mobile devices,” said Barbara Kay, Director of Marketing, Mobility and Services, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “StarOffice 7 will be the first full-functional office productivity suite made available on RADIXS’ mobile devices along with the many Java applications on the market.”

“RADIXS has worked hard to enhance its core technology and now that it is ready, we have decided to adopt a strategic approach to partner with some of the biggest names globally,” added Chandrasekar. “With SingTel, we are privileged to be working with a visionary and fast growing mobile operator with an extensive regional footprint covering 44 million subscribers. In our collaboration with Sun, we are working with an extensive technology offering of a global leader in network computing.”