MSN Messenger and Hotmail coming to your mobile phone

MSN Messenger and Hotmail coming to your mobile phone


Openwave V7 is a full suite software platform designed to drive mobile data usage. The new version will include MSN Hotmail, to allow customers to access their inbox, include text, images or sound in their e-mail messages and receive personalized alerts for designated e-mail messages. Customers will also have access to MSN Messenger and allow them to remain visible online, and receive alerts when their contacts want to communicate with them.

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Microsoft and Openwave Team Up to Offer MSN Mobile Services

MSN Mobile on Openwave Phone Suite V7 Platform Will Allow Mobile Operators To Deliver Rich MSN Communications Experiences to Consumers Worldwide
Openwave Systems Inc., a leading provider of open software products and services for the communications industry, and MSN, a world leader in delivering Web services to consumers, today announced an agreement to bring MSN Mobile services to mobile operators and handset vendors worldwide. In an effort to mobilize MSN customers worldwide, the companies have built and are including MSN Mobile software in the Openwave Phone Suite V7 phone software platform. With the solution, handset manufacturers will be able to rapidly add MSN Mobile software — including MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger — to their V7 device portfolio, and mobile operators now will have the ability to deliver these leading communications services to their subscribers.

“Openwave is working with mobile operators worldwide to help them perfect the user experience for data services and launch new applications that create viral adoption and drive revenue growth,” said Don Listwin, president and CEO of Openwave. “One of the most powerful applications is the seamless extension of online services to mobile users. Our collaboration with MSN is an important example of how we are helping operators deliver differentiated services.”

“The MSN vision is to bring consumers anytime, anyplace access to the people and information that matter most; MSN Mobile plays a critical role here as we work to make this vision a reality,” said Brian Arbogast, corporate vice president of MSN Communications Platforms. “MSN is thrilled to work with Openwave and, ultimately, mobile operators to bring leading MSN communications services to a broad range of wireless users. With Openwave’s rich V7 platform and broad applicability to mass market phones, and rich MSN communications services and loyal customers, we believe we can provide a great opportunity for mobile operators to drive more wireless data usage.”

Openwave’s phone software is currently shipping in half a billion phones and supports more than 600 phone platforms. Openwave V7 is a standards-based middleware platform and modular suite of phone applications designed to drive mobile data usage by providing a common user experience across services. It enables operators and phone manufacturers to rapidly integrate popular applications; cost-effectively add new phone functionality and third-party applications; and deliver customized, differentiated services and phones.

Mobile operators that select MSN Mobile services on V7 could reach a share of the MSN customer base, which includes 145 million MSN Hotmail customers and 110 million MSN Messenger customers worldwide. MSN Mobile for V7 brings MSN services to life wirelessly virtually anywhere with a user interface that is rich, intuitive and familiar for consumers used to accessing these services from their PC including these:

MSN Hotmail.
MSN Hotmail for MSN Mobile enables consumers to access their inbox online and offline; include text, images or sound in their e-mail messages; and receive personalized alerts for designated e-mail messages.

MSN Messenger.
MSN Messenger for MSN Mobile enables consumers to stay visible online to their contacts, be alerted when their contacts want to communicate via instant messaging, and carry on simultaneous or multiparty* conversations at one time.