Nextreaming Sky IM-7200 Wireless Handset

Nextreaming Sky IM-7200 Wireless Handset


Press Release — Nextreaming Corporation announced today that SK Teletech, has integrated Nextreaming’s mobile multimedia software package, Nexembedded Suite to help SKTT’s IM-7200 handset enable multimedia communications.

The IM-7200 is the most unique and advanced handset on SK Telecom’s EV-DO network. The handset’s unique sliding display form factor has proven to be very popular because it decreases size without sacrificing features. Nextreaming equipped the handset with advanced multimedia features such as a video and photo viewer to experience downloaded and streaming multimedia contents on its high resolution display. In addition, Nextreaming provided an advanced software based camcorder and camera to create high quality multimedia content with its VGA CMOS camera. Nextreaming’s software was capable at running at extremely low power and effecting losing performance because it utilized the SH-MobileV high performing application processor from Renesas Technology Corp. This enables the handset to create and show significantly more multimedia contents than other available handsets without adversely affecting battery life.

For the IM-7200, Nextreaming provided Nexembedded Player, a multimedia playback application with MPEG-4 video decoder, audio decoders such as AAC L/C, EVRC, and streaming protocols as well. Nextreaming also licensed Nexembedded™ Camcorder, a movie recorder with MPEG-4 and EVRC encoders, and Nexembedded™ Camera with JPEG codec and sophisticated image management tools. But Nextreaming is not only a software company.

“Our team also provided professional services to integrate the codecs and applications onto the handset to ensure the quality that is required on such a premium handset,” said Dr. Jae-won Chung, director of Embedded Application Division, Nextreaming, “We are proud to have successfully optimized and delivered a standards based solution to our customers that provides the best user experience available.”

“Nextreaming is one of the few companies who can meet SK Telecom’s strict quality and design specifications,” said Mr. Jun Ho Cho, Director, Development group 1, SK Teletech, “We would not have been able to successfully release our extremely successful series of multimedia handsets, such as the IM-6400, IM-6500, and IM-7200 without Nextreaming’s expertise and assistance.”

“We are pleased to successfully collaborate with SK Teletech, the most innovative and leading handset maker in Korea”, said Dr. IL-TAEK LIM, CEO Nextreaming, “Our participation in the international interoperability testing and standardization like 3GPP and 3GPP2 permitted us to meet and exceed the needs of a 3GSM customer such as SK Telecom and .”

Nextreaming will present the demonstration of this handset and its other world class products between Feb. 23-26 at 3GSM World Congress Conference 2004 in Cannes, France, Hall2, Stand F65.