Scalado UIQ PhotoFusion for Symbian OS Smartphones

Scalado UIQ PhotoFusion for Symbian OS Smartphones


Swedish software developer Scalado has released the UIQ version of PhotoFusion that gives Symbian OS Smartphones advanced imaging capabilities. In addition to capturing standard digital images, PhotoFusion, compatible with Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 phones lets users capture high quality vertical and 360º horizontal panoramas and photo strips out of a collection of 9 images.

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Scalado launches UIQ version of PhotoFusion for extended image functionality on mobile phones

Scalado launches the UIQ version of it’s image application PhotoFusion, that enables creation of high quality panoramas with mobile phones

Scalado AB, a Swedish software technology company, specializing in digital imaging for the Mobile industry, today announced the launch of its UIQ version of PhotoFusion. PhotoFusion replaces the standard camera application in mobile phones with an enhanced high functionality image application. The UIQ version enables advanced imaging functionality on Symbian OS smart phones, such as the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900.

PhotoFusion enables the users not only to capture images, but also to create high quality vertical and horizontal panoramas and photo strips out of a collection of images. Additionally it enables powerful digital zoom and adding of funny filters in real-time.

“The market for camera phones is increasing and imaging is the most important application in the wireless industry. PhotoFusion significantly enhances the functionality in camera mobile phones, and we have already seen a huge demand for PhotoFusion on the marketplaces”, says Mats Jacobson, CEO at Scalado AB.

“The innovative imaging application PhotoFusion allows users to capture and create photos with a range of different effects in an intuitively simple manner, enabling them to experience the full power of Symbian OS smartphones”, says Ian Weston, VP Partner Support at Symbian.

PhotoFusion is extremely easy to use. The application is downloaded to a mobile phone via IR, Bluetooth or WAP and includes capturing features such as;

– Creation of 360º horizontal panorama
– Creation of vertical panoramas with up to 10 images
– Digital zoom into images with up to 400 %
– Creation of a photo strips with up to 9 images
– A set of different real-time funny filters to add on images

PhotoFusion is based on patented technology from Scalado that enables bandwidth efficient zooming in images and superior stitching of images, resulting in panoramas with no visible borders.

Price and availability
PhotoFusion is priced at 19.95 USD, and is available through Handango,

A free trial of PhotoFusion can be downloaded at: