4thpass gives Over-the-air management for mobile devices

4thpass gives Over-the-air management for mobile devices


4thpass today introduced its Device Management System, the newest technology for operators to update and configure mobile devices over the air. The 4thpass technology gives operators power to remotely repair software on handsets and other devices, change settings and services on a subscriber’s device in real time, and to enable new applications and services on mobile devices.

A preview of the 4thpass Device Management System is being demonstrated for operators this week at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes. 4thpass recently demonstrated its Device Management System on the networks of some of the world’s largest operators.

In developing the Device Management System, 4thpass, a Motorola subsidiary, is leveraging its expertise in developing server software products currently deployed by major global operators.

“As device technology keeps advancing, a feature rich device management system is going to be fundamental for an operators’ business success and allows operators to recognize revenue opportunities new devices promise,” said 4thpass executive vice president and founding CTO Samir Mehta. “The 4thpass Device Management System gives operators tools to manage today’s handset challenges from both the network and device side.”

As devices become more complex and operators develop an increasing number of network services, subscribers need a simple, quick way to configure their devices and take advantage of new business, entertainment, and personalization applications. Devices that are not configured properly are not able to use the full set of data services operators offer, creating a potential loss of revenue from customers.

The 4thpass Device Management System brings operators a new level of customer service, with the ability to update firmware over the air, drastically reducing the need for device recalls or costly care calls.

With the 4thpass Device Management System, operators can inform thousands of subscribers about a new configuration or firmware update for their particular device. The operator can send the update package to the device using various methods and respecting operator defined network load constraints.

The 4thpass Device Management System also lets customer care agents perform a live synchronization with a subscriber’s device. The care agent can view specific device information, diagnose a problem and deliver an update to correct or add settings to the device. For web savvy subscribers, the Device Management System includes an intuitive self-service interface.

“The 4thpass Device Management System is about reducing downtime for devices. By remotely managing subscriber handsets, operators can ensure subscribers continue to be revenue generating customers,” said Mehta. “4thpass gives operators power to turn data services into real profits and let subscribers take advantage of current and future network services.”

Along with its Device Management System, 4thpass is known for its carrier-grade Content Delivery System which more than 270 million subscribers worldwide have access to. Operators use 4thpass software to power their mobile content businesses, drive downloads and increase network traffic.