Vertu Ascent: A Luxurious handset

Vertu Ascent: A Luxurious handset


UK-based Vertu has offered luxurious personal communication devices since 2002. Recently they have launched the Ascent collection designed with unique materials with prices starting at around £2450 GBP or $4500 USD.

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Vertu launches the ascent collection dynamic, desirable and undeniably Vertu

Vertu today announces a stunning new addition to its collection of luxury mobile phones: The Vertu Ascent Collection. Vertu Ascent’s design is characterised by accelerated lines and form, inspired by high performance luxury vehicles. It has been developed to complement the Vertu Signature Collection, and introduce the Vertu experience to a wider audience through a second stylistic expression.

The sleek, streamlined and robust design of the Vertu Ascent Collection is a unique synthesis of hardwearing materials – stainless steel, ceramic, sapphire crystal and Liquidmetal® alloy – and seductively soft hand-stitched brown and black leather. Precision-engineered stainless steel keys are set on jewelled bearings to give a unique tactile experience and add to Vertu Ascent’s dynamic design.

The custom-developed Liquidmetal alloy featured in the design of Vertu Ascent provides exceptional durability and scratch-resistance. This is the first time this unique material has been used in a personal communication product. Other Liquidmetal alloys are used in high performance industries such as sporting and aerospace.

Frank Nuovo, creative director and designer for Vertu says, “Inspired by the design aesthetic and materials of luxury sports cars, The Vertu Ascent Collection strikes a unique balance between hard metal and soft leather. I am delighted to bring this second stylistic expression to individuals who demand the best in everything they do.”

The Ascent Collection by Vertu is designed and built to the same exacting standards of craftsmanship as Vertu’s hallmark Signature Collection, and clients will also receive the exceptional personalised service for which Vertu is renowned: Vertu Concierge. Vertu Ascent has a discreetly positioned, dedicated side key allowing clients to connect to the Vertu Concierge service. This team of specialist global advisers is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in over 170 countries worldwide and provides the best travel, entertainment and international assistance at the touch of a button.

Vertu, the world’s first luxury personal communication company, launched in January 2002, is extending its range of luxury mobile phones and accessories with the Vertu Ascent Collection. Available in black and brown leather, Vertu Ascent can be accessorised with a custom designed black leather holster. The Ascent Collection and its accessories are available at Vertu Stores in Paris and Singapore, Vertu Client Suites in Hong Kong and Singapore, and in some of the world’s finest jewellery and department stores.