Nikon D2H WiFi Digital Camera

Nikon D2H WiFi Digital Camera


Back in July we reported on the Nikon D2H release but the WT-1 was not yet available to consumers, Digital Photography Review had a chance to get look up close with the device at PMA 2004.

The Nikon D2H is the first digital SLR to enable wireless transfers of image files via 802.11b. The D2H captures 25.7MB image files, and can transfer them to a WiFi enabled laptop at around 2.2MBPs, or about 15X in comparison to Compact Flash memory. The Sony Vaio’s internal WiFi was tested at double the transfer rate, 4.5MBps or 30X which is not far behind the best CF II cards on the market today. With CF cards you are limited to the space of your card, with WiFi you have the full storage of your notebook computer available.

The WT-1 system connects to your notebook FTP server via TCP/IP, and the transfers the files directly to your shared directory.

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