Fujifilm offers Mobile Image printing

Fujifilm offers Mobile Image printing


Summus and Fujifilm have developed a broad range of mobile imaging solutions that will enable consumers to capture, store, share and print all of their digital images in a suite of easy-to-use mobile applications, wherever, whenever. Fujifilm is utilizing Summus’ BlueFuel middleware platform as a way to integrate its Get the Picture Online service, an extensive print network that connects picture-takers to retail photofinishers, with mobile data services. This solution will give consumers the option to choose a local retail location (or enter a zip code near a distant friend/relative to send gift prints) via their mobile devices and send their digital images to the selected retailer for printing.

“Today consumers can share photos between wireless phones or PCs, but the experience is not complete until consumers can print those pictures wherever, whenever to show friends and family,” said John Prendergast, VP Strategic Business Development. “Fujifilm is pleased to work with Summus, a company that has the experience, knowledge and capability to create truly compelling wireless photo solutions. By expanding our relationship, Fujifilm and Summus will provide powerful, consumer-focused wireless photo services.”

Digital photo printing is becoming big business. According to the Photo Marketing Association, Americans are expected to print almost 4 billion digital images this year, up from 800 million in 2001. An impetus for the growth of digital photography and the need for digital printing is the increasing popularity of camera phones. According to IDC, worldwide sales of imaging-enabled wireless devices, including camera phones, are expected to reach 151 million units by 2006. The growth of the camera phone market is outpacing that of the digital camera. According to Strategy Analytics in September 2003, 25 million camera phones were sold worldwide in the first half of 2003, compared with 20 million digital still cameras.

Summus’ wireless applications are powered by BlueFuel, Summus’ Superfast, Superthin mobile platform tailored for efficient and easy interaction with information in the mobile environment. The BlueFuel platform enables service providers, content providers and handset manufacturers to create and deliver mobile applications quickly and on a wider range of devices and operating systems than competing solutions. The platform and architecture give developers the tools necessary to easily build applications for today’s resource-constrained wireless environment while providing a superior user experience.