Siemens CX65 Multimedia Handset

Siemens CX65 Multimedia Handset


Siemens launched its next generation MMS phone today in Madrid – the triband CX65. With a brilliant extra large, high quality 65,536 colour screen and integrated video camera housed in a appealing design, the CX65 is the smart and stylish way to capture life’s best experiences. The integrated camera makes sure that emotional moments can be captured and sent to friends.

Full multimedia messaging, or ‘MMS’, combines everything from sound to moving images so you can be as expressive as you like. An integrated VGA video camera captures pictures and video images of life’s most memorable moments, while an extra large screen displays them vividly in 65,536 colours. Thanks to an attachable flash, which also offers red eye reduction, images can be captured in the dark too. Adaptable and simple to use, the Siemens CX65 incorporates technology and style with ease.

The CX65 has engaging touches: there are features like Java to personalize the phone, a joystick to make gaming more involving, and email to check the inbox when being on the road. The trick is to make all of this complex technology simple to use, and that’s why the CX65 offers an animated download assistant – a virtual friend to help to get ringtones, logos or games easily from the Siemens Internet.

Reliability is guaranteed with the CX65. An 11MB capacity ensures plenty of storage for everything from MMS messages to contacts. GPRS means data that can be sent and received very fast, whether it is sending clips of a life moment or downloading a killer game. And with a talk time of five hours and 250 hours standby time on the battery, there is no worry about the CX65 running out of energy.

Jens-Thomas Pietralla, Senior Vice President Strategy and Marketing Mobile Phones within Siemens mobile, said: “The CX65 is the first phone to truly bring this next generation of MMS to the mass market. It’s the kind of phone that people who love communicating creatively have been waiting for. For them it will redefine messaging, screen quality and usability. The stunning size of the screen sets the phone apart from the rest as it enables to express and share emotions and thereby gives new excitement to mobile communication.”

The CX65 comes with a wide range of Siemens Original Accessories to allow a maximum of convenience. Additional accessories include a variety of fashionable ClipIT covers, a clip on flash camera with red eye reduction, a headset, various chargers and data cables, an extra battery and a practical Tour Case. Plus, there is a range of in-car solutions including: a Car Kit Easy and a flexible Car Kit Portable.

The phone will be sold in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America from the second quarter 2004. It will be offered in ‘Cool Silver’ and its price will be available locally.