DanTrack GPS Module for Mobile Phones

DanTrack GPS Module for Mobile Phones


DanTrack will unveil a GPS module for the Nokia 6600 handset. The DT30 series is a new product that will allow the end user to track & trace their location to street level accuracy anywhere in Europe, based on GSM/GPS technology.

DT30 is small in size (only 97mm x 75mm), and has a built-in backup battery and movement sensor. It will mount on a stable surface and your handset is then connected to the adapter, it is also water proof and can easily be installed on motorbikes and other objects which operate in special environments.

Users with Bluetooth enabled PDA´s can use the built-in bluetooth chipset for access to the internet.

The DT30 is easily configured via a mobile phone or DanTrack’s specialy utility.