N-Gage brings you Virtua Cop and Alien Front

N-Gage brings you Virtua Cop and Alien Front


I still remember playing Virtua Cop in the arcades, what a great game that was! It’s good to see companies bringing back kick-ass games from the arcade. Both games will be multiplayer with the ability to go head to head via Bluetooth. The first game expected to hit stores in spring 2004 is Alien Front.

See press release below.

Two New SEGA Titles for N-Gage Mobile Game Deck

Nokia, together with SEGA Corporation, today announced two SEGA branded titles that will be released for the N-Gage game deck. Virtua Cop is a multiplayer first person shooting game, where mobile gamers are charged with bringing down an evil crime syndicate that is running riot in a series of locations. Players can team up via Bluetooth wireless technology to shoot their way through various levels to restore peace and order.

In Alien Front, you can take on the role of an army tank commander to defend the Earth against invading aliens, or switch sides and take command of a futuristic 2-leg walker, a 4-leg spider walker, or an anti-gravity hovercraft vehicle. Alien Front also has a two-player deathmatch mode via Bluetooth wireless technology and the possibility to share game statistics with the world via the N-Gage Arena.

“It’s great to add two hot SEGA titles for the constantly growing N-Gage games portfolio,” said Pasi Polonen, Director of Game Publishing, Games Business Unit, Nokia. “The mobile multiplayer features of Virtua Cop and Alien Front will enable a completely new way for gamers to compete head-to-head, as well as share their game stats with the world via the N-Gage Arena.”

“We are pleased to provide two additional titles for the N-Gage game deck,” said Hideki Okamura, Senior Executive Officer and Worldwide General Manager of Consumer Business Division, SEGA Corporation. “Under our keyword “Connection”, SEGA will continue to provide titles for the N-Gage platform, leveraging its mobile network features, including Bluetooth gaming. We are helping to create a new type of gaming style among players.”

Virtua Cop and Alien Front will be available on the N-Gage game deck beginning with Alien Front in spring 2004.