Roaming Messenger will bring Mobile Commerce to the USA

Roaming Messenger will bring Mobile Commerce to the USA


Roaming Messenger is officially in the beta test stage on Motorola’s latest generation SmartPhone, the MPX 200. This handset is currently available from AT&T Wireless and features Microsoft SmartPhone 2002 operating system.

Once deployed, the Roaming Messenger system will allow dynamic, rich, interactive content to seamlessly roam between wireless users, wherever they may be.

The first roll out will be for Homeland Security and Emergency Response sectors. This service will provide instantaneous, interactive communication in critical situations for saving lives and property. Future commercialization will be for the Enterprise IT, machine process control, and Mobile Commerce. An exmample of the system will be for users to make vending machine purchases via cell phone interconnectivity.

Roaming Messenger technology will work across a broad array of OS platforms, including Microsoft Smartphone 2002 and 2003. The technology is due for distribution in several months, soon after the final testing stages are complete.