Over-the-Air Repair of Cell Phone Software

Over-the-Air Repair of Cell Phone Software


Insignia Solutions today announced that it will be demonstrating with Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) an implementation of its Secure System Provisioning product on Symbian OS-based phones that take advantage of the TI OMAP processor. Insignia will be showing a server console that enables operators to target specific devices or populations of devices on the network, managing complex chains of images and creating powerful scheduling rules and requests. Insignia Secure System Provisioning (SSP) then securely pushes firmware updates or upgrades over-the-air based on customer care incidents or request for new mobile services. Insignia will be demonstrating at 3GSM World Congress, Cannes, France, February 23 and 24, in Hall 2, Booth G20.

Insignia’s demonstration on production phones highlights Insignia’s product flexibility and seamless adaptability to a variety of device types on a particular network.

“Insignia is solving critical challenges for mobile operators and device manufacturers leveraging the TI OMAP platform,” said Paul Werp, worldwide marketing director for TI’s OMAP platform. “Over the air updates and repair are a key operator need in deploying the latest high level operating system and smart phone combinations. As well, the solution saves time and customer frustration by upgrading phones already deployed. Insignia and Texas Instruments have a long history as part of the OMAP Developer Network and we’re excited to show this state of the art demonstration leveraging the benefits of TI’s high-performance, power-efficient OMAP processors in our booth at 3GSM.”

“As a member of the Symbian Companion Technology Program, Insignia is leveraging the Program’s benefits to bring optimized implementations of their Secure System Provisioning (SSP) technology to the Symbian ecosystem,” said Jerry Panagrossi, Vice President, US Operations, Symbian. “This demonstration of the Insignia SSP client running on Symbian OS and on the Texas Instruments OMAP architecture demonstrates the effectiveness of partnering across segments in the mobile value web that has evolved around Symbian OS.” Insignia’s SSP will also be demonstrated on the Symbian stand, Hall 2, Booth E31.

Insignia Secure System Provisioning (SSP) is a powerful server software infrastructure product that provides an end-to-end firmware update system for mobile operators and phone manufacturers. SSP reduces bottom line software recall costs by enabling Over-The-Air Repair(TM) and inventory management and increases top line revenues by providing Dynamic Capabilities to enable a wide range of new mobile services to existing devices.