Mobile Phone Recycling Program

Mobile Phone Recycling Program


(Press Release) — A new mail-in program by Metech International allows consumers to easily recycle old mobile phones for just the cost of postage, reducing waste and keeping environmentally harmful materials such as heavy metals from entering landfills.

“Many people don’t realize that throwing away cell phones threatens the environment,” notes Jim Gardner, manager, market development at Metech. “Yet mobile phones contain toxic materials such as lead and cadmium. Given the large number of cell phones discarded every year, even trace amounts of harmful materials pose a real hazard. Now, just for the price of postage, every consumer can recycle their old phones, and help protect our drinking water supply.”

In addition to toxic metals, mobile phones contain plastic; precious metals such as silver and gold; glass; and other materials. Through Metech’s recycling program, all of these materials are reclaimed for reuse in other applications, and any remaining hazardous waste is disposed of through an authorized handling facility, so nothing ends up in a landfill.

With nearly 150 million wireless phone subscribers as of June 2003, more than 80 million wireless phones sold in North America each year, and an average subscriber equipment upgrade every 18 months, according to the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association), the issue of wireless phone disposal, as well as other electronic devices, is a significant one. Metech does not charge for its consumer cell phone recycling service.

Users simply place the phone in any sturdy envelope, address it to Metech, and mail it to the company. For the cost of postage, typically only a few dollars per phone, environmentally-conscious consumers can assure that they’ve properly and safely disposed of their phones. If consumers include their name and address, Metech will send them a Disposal Certificate, certifying that the phone was received and recycled properly with nothing entering the landfill.