Wi-Fi Enabled Golf Courses

Wi-Fi Enabled Golf Courses


GPS Industries Inc., has announced the addition of InforeZone, a revolutionary new high-speed wireless service now available as part of the Inforemer GPS-based golf management solution.

InforeZone utilizes the existing network infrastructure already installed as part of GPSI’s Inforemer GPS management solution to provide integrated Wi-Fi access to golf courses. Wi-fi is short for wireless fidelity and was designed to replace or enhance wired LANs (local area networks). This solution will immediately offer courses a turnkey solution without incurring the high cost or long lead-time usually associated with developing innovative technology.

“Courses can now offer another benefit to attract young tech-savvy clients, business travelers, meetings, and tournaments — and increase the length of a golfer’s stay. Golf courses have become an extension of the conference room with business being conducted on and off the course,” commented Blake Ponuick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GPSI. “This is a logical and very profitable extension of our current infrastructure and product offering.”

InforeZone is a complete turnkey solution, with all billing, credit card payment processing, provisioning, account management and customer service provided. In addition, courses with InforeZone will be listed on international hotspot directories utilized by millions of wireless business travelers. GPSI has roaming relationships with other wireless service providers to drive traffic and build revenue for InforeZone locations.