30GB RipDrive FM Recorder Jukebox from PoGo!

30GB RipDrive FM Recorder Jukebox from PoGo!


PoGo! Products, Ltd. today announced an new 30GB version of their Hard Disk Drive product, The RipDrive.

RipDrive has a built in FM recorder allowing you to save your radio broadcast. It also features Direct Encoding, and doubles as a Digital Voice Recorder and can connect to Windows ME, 2000, XP computers without drivers.

Moderatly priced at $349.99, the RipDrive is $75 more then a 30GB iPod or Creative Labs 30GB Nomad Jukebox Zen, but these lack the FM recording feature. The RipDrive will also available for $249 without a drive.

“PoGo! continues to offer the latest in cutting-edge technology products to the consumer,” stated Jim LaVoie, the Company’s President.