Nikon Introduces the Nikon Coolwalker MSV-01

Nikon Introduces the Nikon Coolwalker MSV-01


(Press Release) Nikon is pleased to announce the Coolwalker MSV-01; a 30GB portable image storage device for the organisation of digital images.

The Nikon Coolwalker is a stylish and powerful storage device that offers an invaluable solution to the organisation of thousands of large resolution image files of all formats produced by today’s high-resolution digital cameras.

Featuring a large 2.5 inch TFT monitor and easy to use Menu the Coolwalker guides you through the process of efficient image management on the move, with practical PC-less options to share and print work later.

Compatible with all major image file formats (JPEG, TIFF) as well as NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) Raw files produced by Nikon Digital SLRs and certain Coolpix digital cameras and a variety of popular storage media formats.

Transfer and organise your digital images
The Coolwalker has 30GB of storage capacity, translating to over 10.000 2MB* image files. *E.g. a typical 6Mp camera JPEG Fine. Images are transferred quickly via the Compact FlashTM 1 / II media slot to free up your camera media card to continue shooting in the field. Optional adaptors are available for SD, MMC, SM and MS media formats as well. Images are automatically stored by date and folder creation is simple through the plain language Menu interface displayed on the large TFT monitor.

Browse and Save

The large 2.5 inch TFT monitor makes instant browsing of thumbnails in the field easy and conserves camera battery power for shooting pictures, rather than playing them back. Full image playback functions are offered such as Rotate, Zoom, Histogram and EXIF shooting data displayed. The large screen and Nikon’s ergonomic four-way Multi selector style pad makes delete, move, copy, rename operations easy, supported by a straightforward 5 language Menu: En, De, Fr, Es, Jp.

Share images
Once your output is organised into an extensive mobile photo album, images are easy to share with family, friends or colleagues without the need of a PC. Just connect the Nikon Coolwalker to a TV or projector (PAL/NTSC), using the included remote control and present your slide show playback.

Print direct (PictBridgeTM compatible)

It also enables a PC-less solution for printing your images. Just plug the Coolwalker in to any PictBridge™ compatible printer for PC-free printing.

Long Life Battery

The Coolwalker can operate for up to two hours, due to the powerful rechargeable Lithium Polymer Nikon EN-EL6 battery and charger/AC adaptor (included).

Freedom to move around

The Nikon Coolwalker is a complete solution for anyone who enjoys digital photography but risks getting lost in the organisation and archiving of their work. Internal shock absorbers protect the hard disk in the field and in the office, providing a safe secure location for your precious digital image archive.

Hans Gaarlandt, Marketing Executive Prosumer Film and Digital products says:

“Extensive research tells us that customers are rapidly embracing the benefits of digital photography, but losing their way when it comes to organising them for sharing later. Everyone wants to be taking pictures instead of filing and captioning them! But the most pleasure from your digital photography comes in sharing them quickly and easily, instead of browsing around folders on your PC screen.

The Nikon Coolwalker combines two major benefits for the digital camera user: it frees up your expensive CF card capacity, say, on holiday or a business trip, without the need for a PC. Once you return home, you can view your digital photo album with family, friends or colleagues using the simplest viewing medium of them all, television”.

Estimated recommended retail price £399.99


Ample storage space. Holds approximately 10,000 images* with a 30GB hard disk, the MSV-01 gives the user the freedom to store an impressively large number of images. It’s also compatible with CompactFlash and Microdrive and can be combined with a CF adapter** to enable use of SD cards too.
*Approximately 10,000 X 6-megapixel images cSan be stored in JPEG FINE.

View-anywhere convenience. The 2.5-inch colour TFT LCD allows images to be viewed anywhere with the clarity of 117,600 pixels. The MSV-01 also offers connectivity to TVs too, so shots can be viewed on a much grander scale. A remote control terminal is additionally included, which is particularly useful when viewing images on a TV screen.

Peripheral performance. Direct printing without the need for a PC is made possible through support of PictBridge. The MSV-01 also offers further peripheral performance by acting as a card reader for a PC* and offering Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity to PCs and CompactFlash compatibility — a media widely accepted at stores offering print services.

Compact convenience. With dimensions of just 81 X 130 X 35mm (approx.) and a weight of approximately 350g, the MSV-01 is designed to be carried comfortably virtually anywhere, allowing images to be viewed whenever the user desires.

Easy-to-view GUI and simple operation. With an easy-to-view GUI with an SLR-consistent design and an easy-to-understand Multi-Selector accompanied by two buttons, operation is both simple and user friendly.

Comprehensive protection. The MSV-01 has easy to grip rubber sides and is equipped with an internal hard drive secured by shock absorbers.

** The MSV-01 is compatible with CompactFlash and Microdrive cards and can also be made compatible with SD cards through combination with a CF adapter purchased from a third-party vendor.