Bluedock turns your Handheld into a Desktop

Bluedock turns your Handheld into a Desktop


Synosphere has developed the Blue Dock, a docking station for Pocket PC and Palm OS handhelds. Your handheld is simply placed into the docking bay and connects to your monitor, keyboard and mouse allowing you to go about your business as if it were a regular desktop computer. The Blue Dock also allows you to access network resources such as file servers and printers.

The docking station has a front SD slot for extra data storage. In the back is two PS2 ports for a keyboard and mouse, and SVGA and Ethernet ports. It would be nice to see USB support in the future.

The Blue Dock, is only blue in colour and unfortunatly does not support Bluetooth, which might be an idea for another type of “dockless” docking station.

Synosphere expects the unit to be available in Q4 2004 for a price of $249 USD.