Suunto n3 Wireless Wristwatch

Suunto n3 Wireless Wristwatch


Suunto has just announced the availability of the n3 wristwatch, this is one tech-watch that may actually have a greater purpose. The n3 will be able to update various streams of media, from real-time news, weather, stocks and other info directly to you where ever you may be.

In addition to advanced watch features like stopwatch, lap and split times, interval training timers, programmable alarms, dual time and date, the Suunto n3 carries advanced timing functions that allow it to automatically adjust to changes in time zone anywhere in the U.S and displays appointments and personal datebook entries through Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft’s new MSN Direct subscription service will be providing all the information updates to you, this is one of the first products using the MSN Direct service that actually works.

A bit clunky at 2.2 ounces, a hefty $300 tag, but the benefit of having up to date information while on the go may justify its price for the true techy.

With the included software you can charge the watch via USB. The device picks up a special FM radio signal, which the watch decodes into updated information. The service, available in 100 metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada, is free for the first month and $9.95 a month thereafter (or $59 annually).

It also supports MSN Messenger messages, but you can only receive, since their is no keypad to type and send a response.

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