Fujitsu one step closer to Digital Paper Production

Fujitsu one step closer to Digital Paper Production


Fujitsu Laboratories has succesfully made a prototype electronic paper which is comparable to regular copy paper in brightness and thickness. Fujitsu hopes to have the paper in regular production by 2006.

Several characteristics of the paper have been developed; ease of reading, ease of portability, durability and improved brightness and contrast of the paper. The new developments have made the electronic paper with a white ratio of 80 or above and a contrast ratio of 15 or above. When compared with regular photo-copy paper there is very little difference. When the power is turned on and off with colour and text being added to the paper, and then subsequently turned off, the paper still retains the material that was written on it using a built-in memory function. The power function of the electronic paper is a special energy saving device suited for this application.

The paper will be easy to use, have almost unlimited rewriting capabilities, freedom of deformation and portability. Fujitsu hopes that this invention will contribute to the paperless office and reduce the amount of paper consumption in the world.