Battle of the Auto Software

Battle of the Auto Software


Last week at CES Microsoft announced its first Connected Concept Cars running on Windows Automotive technology, NAV TV Corp also announced their WinMobil system, the all-in-one answer to Microsoft’s Automotive. I’m not sure how NAV TV pulled off using the word “Win” in their software name, but im sure it will stir up some commotion over at Microsoft.

Windows Automotive features advanced speech technology, PDA and cell phone integration via Bluetooth, web services for news, traffic updates, and shopping, customized navigation using MapPoint GPS technology and of course a hands-free phone.

The MobilWin does the above and more, using an internal DVD/CD/MP3 player you can watch movies with Cyberlink Power DVD, or play Mp3 audio. The software also supports rear-view / child camera, television tuner, dolby 5.1 output in digital SPDIF format and capable of playing all audio in MP3, WMA, DVD-Audio, WAV, and AVI, DVD, MPEG, WMV, DIVX video.

“The power, flexibility and reliability of our Windows Automotive platform makes it possible for automakers to provide these types of driving experiences to consumers today,” said Dick Brass, Corporate Vice President of Automotive Technology at Microsoft. “These Connected Concept Cars prove that drivers and passengers can safely and securely communicate, get timely information and be entertained at their convenience while on the road.”

I hope they don’t forget to integrate a control-alt-delete key, for those mid-traffic blue-screens of death.